Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So Glad About The Plaid

The Burberry Bottom Line: A Necessity for All...

Take a look at these gorgeous wedges from their Autumn preview...the color alone will make a true fan salivate...

I love, love, love their basic, traditional patterns - that amazing, recognizable plaid peeks out, just perfectly - sneaking onto the straps of my shoes, subtly inside my handbag, at the collar of that ever-so-dreadfully-preppy polo that I still have (and adore!).

I'm the only one who knows it's Burberry...or am I? Don't answer that. Of course I'm not.

This leads me to share the story of a dear friend...a dear friend coveting a handbag in the same way that I fixate on a pair of Choos. She was after a Burberry bag. So I joined the fight, and obsessed over her obsession. We all know how this feels. I actually started badgering my friend's very sweet husband, quite endlessly - at social events, by text, anytime I saw him...I would ask: "Why haven't you bought her the Burberry handbag?" in that naggy voice that men love so much. OK, the fact that we kept asking HIM to buy the bag takes us down so many paths, but I'll start with the most obvious...

It goes without saying that independent ladies like us do NOT need very sweet husbands, boyfriends, occasional acquaintances, whatever you want to call them...to buy us handbags or shoes. But it's really nice when they do. If not for my indulgent ex-husband's contribution, I wouldn't have half the collection that I own. It's a lovely exchange. And once my friend and I discussed this coveted bag, that was it. It was done. It was going to happen. And it had to come from her husband. Mostly because he laughed it off and jokingly opposed it. Not to be a cruel person. Just to be...well...male.

She got her bag - but I want to say it was 4+ years later. She wouldn't blink in this staring contest, and I wouldn't have either.

So - the takeaways from this week... Perserverance, Getting Your Significant Other On Board, and Brand Loyalty.

Stick to your guns. Don't buy what you don't love. Don't settle. Your obsession is better supported than ignored. It's part of who you are.

I wish you luck in your own endeavors.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

RSS: Really Simple Shoes

TWO MUST HAVES (there are loads more than two, but these are easier than easy and fit SO many personalities, styles, obsessive compulsive disorders, etc.):

First, nude pumps - sharp, pointy Weitzman's are my favorites, but I do have a pretty good pair of Kate Spades that I got a couple of seasons ago and they've been fabulous...

Why we love them and why you must have them: They go with everything - except please don't do some kind of monochrome beige thing...that's just silly. From white jeans to vibrant print dresses, you can't really go wrong here. Featured right now on InStyle.com products section, check out some pointers while the story is still up: http://www.instyle.com/instyle/products.

Next is the most obvious must have and won't break the bank: Havaianas flips are the best and I'm living in these and maxi dresses right now. Truly simple and yet chic. I get the best selection buying them online: http://www.havaianasus.com/.

We love them and must have them because they are basic, versatile. and comfortable without ugliness. There are some fun themes (if you're into that sort of thing - I say 'no thank you'), and they also make a divine gift- send a multi-pack to a girlfriend for her birthday...she'll go mad over them.

Simple and savvy.

Fall 09: Choo to the Rescue

Coming soon: Jimmy Choo Jedd

Hello, gorgeous! Trying to avoid attention in these Ladies is futile. These shout glam - no way around it.

And yes, you can pull them off. You think you can't, but you need to branch out. Dark plum pedicure and super-skinny jeans. Instant and amazing. These Fall numbers take care of us who were intrigued by Burberry's socks and strappies last Fall, but so NOT willing to give that a try...

August's In Style section on Heavy Hardware Heels give you a few more options in price ranges that are a little lighter on your pocketbook.

Confessions of an Addict

Jimmy Choo Quinn Leopard Print Canvas
A gorgeous pair of shoes transforms me. As a child, stumbling around in my grandmother's metallic Stuart Weitzman heels made me a glamorous grown up, leaving to attend a grand ball of some sort - just like Cinderella in her glass slippers, going to meet her Prince. Now, some 30 years later, my shoes lift my spirits in a way nothing else can. I start and end most of my days in mind-numbing office meetings. And during those meetings, I glance down under the ugly conference room table at those 'Ladies' I have on my feet and somehow all is right with the world.
It's OK to love something so dim. Everything you do doesn't have to change the world. And even in dreadful economic times, you can find a little bit of joy.
I spend my free time tracking down, reviewing, obsessing over, and coveting the most fabulous accessory on the planet. And it makes me happy. Join the hunt. Post your favorites. Comment and share.
And let's be honest, whether or not Cinderella and her Prince lasted in the end doesn't really matter all that much. The story was about the shoes.